The Origins


The Turkish Cup began in 2007. Our club schedule has always emphasized traditional round-the-buoys sailboat racing. We have also tried to promote family participation through social events such as cookouts, and the introduction of sailing to newcomers. Though we have offered rigging and racing clinics, we are aware that many of our members are reluctant to participate in the weekly races due to apprehensions concerning the racing rules and sailing in close quarters.  Additionally, some members sail in boats other than Vanguard 15s, and feel left out during the Sunday series races. This event was conceived to address those concerns, and hopefully to encourage wider participation in a unique sailing and social event. This is an opportunity for family members of all ages who usually stay ashore to join in an exciting group adventure!


The Inspiration


In 2006, one of our newer yacht club members, Yosi Asseo along with his son, Daniel, sailed his Vanguard 15 to Winnetka all the way from Lake Forest to join our fleet. He later proceeded to sail his v15 from Winnetka to Montrose Harbor in Chicago for the Vanguard 15 Nationals in September. The v15 proved a worthy distance cruiser, covering the distance to Chicago in the same time it took others to trail their boats by highway and re-rig! This inspired the idea of a distance sailing event, a sort of group cruise or rally open to all. Because Yosi grew up sailing near Istanbul in Turkey, this event is called the Turkish Cup (with apologies to the Turkish soccer event of similar name.) Special awards have been custom made for this event, with the Grand Prize being the Turkish Cup perpetual trophy.


The Plan


The single day event will begin with a Le Mans style start to the rally. One crew member will hold the rigged boat in the water, while other crew members run to the boat from the beach at the start signal. Based upon the forecast weather, a destination will be selected for the sail, if possible, to another beach approximately two hours away. Inland Navigation Right of Way Rules, rather than racing rules will be in effect and cooperative good seamanship will be encouraged. A group picnic lunch would be held at that destination, before a return sail to Lloyd Beach. A brief treasure hunt, based upon a "Pirate Style" treasure map may be planned at Lloyd Beach, time permitting, to be followed by the Turkish Cup Award. Prizes for other than first to finish are planned, in order to encourage participation by even the slower sailors, who savor a more leisurely cruising experience on the lake. This plan may be modified based upon the weather and practical destinations. Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated.