Need help setting up your boat to sail ?


Feel like your boat is just not ready to race ?


The members of the Winnetka Yacht Club can help you. We have experience in many types of boats and we love to talk about sailing and sailboats. We can give you tips from 'what does this rope do and where does it go', to 'how can I get the most speed out of my boat'. We can answer questions from 'can I really sail on Lake Michigan' to  'who really has right of way at this complicated mark rounding situation'. There are a variety of ways to find us. We race from Lloyd beach in Winnetka practically every Sunday. We usually start arriving at the beach around noon. We will be there talking to each other and getting our boats ready to sail ( we mostly own Vanguard 15's). Come on over and ask us some questions. If you would like to set up a specific time to talk to someone, email us , we will get back to you promptly.   

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